Megan Elisabeth Kelly

Actress. Model. Singer.


Shorts, trailers, commercial work & more!




Both of these spots were produced by Sterling Rice Inc.



short films

A comedic short by Angotango Pictures.

Published originally on the official Save the Storks Facebook page. Also an original comedic short.



Horror Short directed by Amy Schramm.

Megan’s trailer for her first feature. Trailer for the psychological thriller "Prolonged Exposure" starring Dean Cain, Addison Foskey, and Michelle Roe.

Megan's motion capture performances are not featured in this trailer, but here is the offical Life is Strange: Before the Storm launch Trailer. In Life is Strange, Megan completed motion capture performances for Victoria, Samantha, Steph and Taylor. In the episode Farewell to Blackwell, Megan did motion capture for a lead, Max Caufield.