Megan Elisabeth Kelly

Actress. Model. Singer.



Megan has always been a lover of the arts; prior to her 6th birthday, Megan studied Irish dance, fiddle, piano, and voice lessons. Being the child of a native Irishman and British mother, Megan had a significant influence in European culture. Megan now holds dual citizenship with Ireland.

This influence led her avid pursuit of Irish dance at an early age. Megan participated in numerous recitals and competed in regional Irish Dance competitions in Seattle (also known as the Emerald City Feis).  

At the age of 10, Megan moved from Spokane, WA to a country suburb just outside of Denver; Since her move, Megan soon discovered her true muse- film. At first Megan was studying privately, before committing to advanced studies with Rohrering Success Workshops and then she signed with Big Fish Talent Agency at the age of 12. That same year Megan started learning drum set.  In high school Megan started song writing, and she helped create the Elizabeth High School film program (EZTV) and it was there that she learned that she loves being behind the camera as well; Megan was featured in a variety of shorts and projects and began to learn the creative skills behind the lens. Megan filmed, produced, edited, and wrote a number of pieces for her high school broadcasting class and more. Megan enjoys learning about and fine tuning the pieces that together make a whole – a whole character, a whole scene, a whole story come to life. To see and to be that character existing true to the larger story is, in her opinion, nothing short of magic.



In 2016 Megan was featured in a short film directed by Kenton Duty (from Shake It Up, Lost),  earning her first IMDB credit. Hungry to learn more, Megan trained with Gray Studios (L.A.) for a little over a year, and beyond that Megan has been meeting with her trusted local coach, Paul Rohrer of Rohrering Success Workshops, weekly for the past five years. In 2018, Megan signed with Mavrick Artists in L.A and the O' Agency in Albuquerque.

Megan is currently heading into her junior year of college. After a successful four years of high school, (having participated in over 21 theatrical and musical productions, while being president of the school theater department, VP of EZTV, historian of jazz and chamber choir, whilst balancing grades with her rigorous AP academic schedule)  Megan is thrilled to pursue entrepreneurship and management, with a minor in technical communications. 

From 2016-2019, Megan has had the privilege to be working on a number of projects. From national commercials, numerous shorts, PSA's, feature films, TV series and web-series, Megan is excited to explore more characters, and more stories.